Taking advantage of the contingency in order to (re)discover almost-forgotten platforms


In these last few days where our usual habits have been revolutionized, people (someone more, others to a lesser degree) have been forced to use the internet. 

In this way, video chats, conference calls, online lessons, and also Whatsapp video calls have become daily experiences and new channels to discover and use at best. The director of Iprase (the provincial corporation for the academic personnel education) knows it well: all of a sudden, he had to manage thousands of requests for remote learning.  

Until now, in fact, the majority of the lessons were done having a teacher physically present in the classroom, while only a few modules of the teaching offer were taught remotely. In a few days, it has been necessary to revise the installation of Iprase’s FAD (formazione a distanza, i.e. remote learning) and make some adjustments so that the platform was available to the users while solving some problems and difficulties rarely encountered so far inasmuch as the limited use of the tool. 

These activities, having urgency as the main characteristic, have not surely been realized in a simple way: neither from a technical level, nor from the management of the thousands of daily calls that arrived at the offices and nor from the decisional level of the people that needed to make a decision. 

In this way, we have tried to help Iprase to analyze and make sound decisions without permitting the urge to guide us: we tried to have a clear objective that went beyond this critical moment. We now aim at bringing remote learning (e-learning) in the daily lives of people and make it become an integral part of the educational offer from this moment on. 

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