Thread Solutions and U-Hopper: Consolidating the Local Artificial Intelligence Market

thread solutions + uhopper

Thread Solutions, a leading technology company in data integration solutions, and U-Hopper, a recognized excellence in the field of Artificial Intelligence, are joining forces to strengthen their positioning in the market and to more effectively support local companies and organizations in adopting Artificial Intelligence tools and models.

Trento, January 26, 2024 – Artificial Intelligence is now considered an instrumental element for businesses of any size to compete effectively in an increasingly digitized landscape. This has driven Thread Solutions, already recognized as a national leader in System Integration thanks to its extensive experience with MuleSoft (Salesforce), to leap forward in its role as a key tech partner for customers in the era of Digital Transformation.

Following the recent partnership agreement between Thread Solutions and Databricks, a leading Data Intelligence Platform in the international market, the company is entering full speed Artificial Intelligence landscape by acquiring 100% of U-Hopper Srl, a consolidated Trentino-based company specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics solutions.

As stated by Davide Piazza, president and co-founder of Thread Solutions: "The acquisition of U-Hopper is a natural step, matured through the successful collaboration that has already led both companies to establish the consortium in 2022, together with Delta Informatica and Dimension. Data is increasingly perceived as a strategic asset within organizations, which no longer just need platforms for Data Integration and Data Analytics, already in our portfolio with solutions from Salesforce: MuleSoft and Tableau. Especially after the launch of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence is on the table of every CEO, every CIO, every Digital Officer, and every Marketing Officer. We are expanding our expertise in Customer Data Platform and Data Intelligence Platform projects also thanks to new partnerships with Salesforce's DataCloud and Databricks. U-Hopper's experience allows us to position ourselves significantly in the AI market with the same reputation and competence with which we have successfully tackled Data Integration challenges for years. There can be no good AI without good data and good data without good Data Integration. For this reason, thanks to the acquisition of U-Hopper, Thread Solutions is positioning itself as  the best strategic partner to support customers in the adoption of AI and, broadly speaking, of  a Data-Driven strategy in a conscious and controlled manner."


U-Hopper, born as a spin-off of the international research center Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), has historically a strong connection with the research world and brings with it a decade-long experience in developing technological platforms for creating advanced analytics. In the new corporate configuration, this heritage will be further strengthened, aiming to launch new products and services enabled by Artificial Intelligence methods and models in the market in a short time.

According to the CEO of U-Hopper, Daniele Miorandi, "The union with Thread Solutions allows us to achieve critical mass in terms of skills and company size. This will facilitate the acquisition of corporate clients and create new outlets to bring innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions developed in research laboratories to the market, fully in line with U-Hopper's history and culture."


This acquisition represents a tipping point in the journey of the two organizations, with impacts that extend well beyond corporate boundaries, creating a solid foundation for growth, collaboration, and innovation in the field of AI at both local and international levels.

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