Happy Programmer's Day!


On the occasion of programmers’ day we interviewed with 4 simple questions two of our developers present in the large team of Thread Solutions

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1. What prompted you to become a developer?

Davide: Trying to find the root cause, I would say that it is the desire not to waste time doing repetitive and boring things. Slavishly repeating the same task that could have been automated made me feel "stupid".

Kevin: I think the main reason was the passion for technology, for “the future” and the desire to be part of those who do everything possible to simplify and improve life; then I think there is also a hand of futuristic films in the middle ? if we think of Marvel's Iron Man, or Transformers maybe, we are shown a world with such advanced technology that fascinates us and that every now and then makes us say "eh, maybe ". The problem then is to compare reality with what is usually presented by Cinema as the developer / geek / hacker in films, and to make others understand what a programmer's work actually is like.

2. What do you like about your job?

Davide: I would say two things:
A. The feeling of seeing that things work just the way you want them to.
B. I like to know that others save time thanks to something made by me.

Kevin: Well, I think basically what we like is being able to say "yes, we developed that program because then the client has the possibility to do This, That and That other in much less time, and in a safer way" or maybe "yes, we did it, and we changed the way people do that thing forever." Then we also like to have the opportunity to experiment with new things, which can be new technologies, new systems or maybe new ways of programming that make life easier for us programmers too.

3. What is a typical day like for a developer?

Davide: A typical day does not exist, we are in a constant rush to fix something that had to go for yesterday.

Kevin: It depends: there are days in which you interact directly with people to understand what they want and try to mediate what they imagine with what is actually possible to achieve. Then there are days when everything runs smoothly that you don't even notice that the day has passed and you are happy with the result; in some others, however, you feel stressed and frustrated beyond belief because you are unable to reach the goal you set for yourself (perhaps too high), or you have not been able to develop the functionality you wanted or how you wanted it. Sometimes you have problems that you take even in your sleep, but then after splitting your head to find a solution you feel like “but why didn't I think about it before, stupid”.

4. Any advice for future developers?

Davide: Program because you like it, not because you have to. And when there is something wrong with you, find a way and make it go as you say. When this happens you will have a lot of satisfaction.

Kevin: You continue to want the "future", experiment and have fun, even developing, because you never know that an idea started like this for fun cannot be one that then has the opportunity to really change things.

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