Automating the sales flow in the used car market 

Alphabet Italia S.p.A.



A Platform Design Project

For Alphabet, a company part of the BMW group, we had the chance to carry on the entire evolution of a platform design project.

Company info

Alphabet, part of the BMW group, is one of the leading companies in the field of business mobility services, more specifically providing long-term leasing / rental services. Supporting professionals and companies with solutions for vehicles of all brands in more than 22 countries, Alphabet is set up as an innovative, efficient and sustainable company.


Challenge - Platform Design

Alphabet, at the end of the various leasing contracts, has always put its cars on the B2C market. However, this process is managed from the very beginning through a very complex flow, where huge amounts of data must be recovered manually from many different sources.
Alphabet has therefore asked us to digitally support them in the optimisation of this process, from the collection of initial specifications to design to development.


What we've done - A Platform Design Project

Drive On by Alphabet is a platform that aims to automate the incoming flow of the cars ment for the B2C market.

Drive On is configured as a web and mobile platform able to map the life cycle of a car from the moment it is purchased by Alphabet the first time until the moment it is placed on the B2C market. Drive On is a single access point for all the information related to a single car. Info like the price, technical specifications up to the interventions carried out are stored in the car detail.

After a direct comparison with the company and an in-depth analysis of objectives and needs, we carried out a market research on the existing platforms for used cars. After mapping the competitors we tried to understand the objectives and needs of their target: potential customers, car dealers as well as Alphabet employees. After this preliminary research and related analysis we were able to propose technical specifications, design and development technologies able to reconcile the objectives of the target with those of the company.

Used technologies

For the development of the platform we have selected a technological stack able to combine innovation and quality with the needs related to the existing Alphabet infrastructure. For the back-end part we used Laravel as a PHP framework. We used vue.js framework for the reactive client components, bootstrap as the html / css framework and webpack as the module bundler. The development environment is based on Docker containers and the AWS server deployment is automated with Jenkins.

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