Mulesoft acquired by Salesforce


Today is the first day of Spring and great news comes along with the new season with regards to MuleSoft, one of our key partner Vendor. 

The biggest announcement is Salesforce acquiring MuleSoft for $6.5 billion in a cash and stock deal. The leading CRM cloud company is buying this leading platform for building Application Networks and API led architectures.

Thread Solutions is a MuleSoft's partner serving our beloved Italian country since the start and we were using the platform even before MuleSoft itself existed as a company. What does this acquisition mean for us as partners and developers? And what does it mean for our customers that embraced Mulesoft's Anypoint Platform as the backbone speed accelerator for their Digital Transformation initiatives?

First of all, nothing changes for existing contracts, product development or deployment plans as reported in the FAQ page. MuleSoft will remain committed to its vision of building a platform for application networks and accelerate our customer's digital transformations, enabling them to unlock data across legacy systems, cloud apps and devices to make smarter, faster decisions and create highly differentiated, connected customer experiences. Our team of architects and professionals at Thread Solutions can assist you in understanding how this can be achieved, feel free to reach out to us.


What this acquisition brings to the market is twofold

The price of the acquisition, one year after MuleSoft's IPO, definitely establishes the value of the company: the value of the technology (Anypoint Platform), the vision (Application Networks), the approach (API led) and the methodology (C4E, Center for Enablement). "After 15 years working with integrations, I finally see that we live in an "Integration of Everything" world.", says Davide Piazza, co-founder of Thread Solutions. I started working when we were still discussing among IT architects about EAI (Enterprise Application Integation), ESB (Enterprise Service BUS) and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and trying to make a compelling job out of it. Now we not only face an "IT world", but also a "consumer world" where omnichannel and user experience is driving huge expectations and putting much pressure on how IT can deliver assets faster. We, as users, expect not only to have a mobile first experience in everything we do, from shopping, to health, to office work, but we expect that emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and Voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home will be instantly available in our preferred apps. That's where we see tremendous impact of the API led approach bringing value not only to IT optimisation but in real user and customer experience."

Together, Salesforce and MuleSoft will accelerate the pace of adoption of the leading platforms for CRM and Application Networks to the broader market. In Italy we help companies to approach their customer 360° view. Based on the data they have in their CRM, with the right API led approach we are able to build reusable and discoverable assets that give IT that delivery speed many of them are struggling for, under the pressure of Business and Regulatory enforcement (like for example PSD2 and GDPR). We see the opportunity to accelerate our own growth in the market bringing to our customers not only expertise and technical skills using Anypoint Platform (thanks to our certified team of Muleys), or establishing a C4E, we really have space to add great value with our agile mindset, best practices know how and the ability to stay only where great challenges and expectations live.


Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio 7 go GA

But there's more! Today, after a long period of beta, Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio 7 become General Availability. We've been using the new release during the beta period and are very impressed by the major power, higher speed and greater simplicity that this new release brings to the platform. We're excited about this announcement of GA and we'll be covering more details in other posts. You can read the announcement post on the MuleSoft's blog.

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