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Sistema Iscrizioni

The online marketplace for your educational and recreational activities

Sistema Iscrizioni is a tool entirely developed by Thread Solutions that is aimed at organizations and companies that organize and provide educational, educational or recreational activities such as courses, training, events, school trips.

The platform


The platform consists of a simple and intuitive back-end for managing subscriptions, payments and attendance, while the front-end allows users to register, subscribe and buy the activities of interest with a few clicks.

The system was created to manage summer activities, events or courses, but it can be adapted to many types of offer and is a valid solution to optimize different phases of the process (registration, purchase, attendance management) and the relative times.



  • Create and put online in a few minutes your training activities (events, training courses, trips...)
  • Automatically collect and manage subscriptions and asset availability
  • Automate the payments
  • Automate recurring tasks thus avoiding errors, inefficiencies and time wasted
  • Have at hand data on participants
  • Check attendance and absence of training activities
  • Provide your customers with a tool that is up to date and up to date with safety regulations



Intuitive interface

The graphical interface is quick and easy to use. The platform simplifies the management of the offer by operators who in a few minutes can create and publish an activity without the need to have large IT skills.


Responsive layout

The system is designed to be displayed correctly on all devices (desktops, smartphones and tablets).


Activity insertion

Through the creation mask it is possible to define for each activity different fields including:

  • Title and description of the activity (text and image)
  • Addressees
  • Place, date/e and times
  • Registration opening date Activity price and "extra" prices Discounts and coupons
  • Availability
  • Activation of waiting lists
  • and other custom fields
apertura iscrizioni

Flexible enrolment opening

You can decide the date and time of registration for each activity.


prezzi extra

Price management and "extra"

For each activity it is possible to define the registration price. You can also associate mandatory or optional additional prices.



Discounts and coupons

The system allows you to set rules for the automatic application of discounts (for example discounts for multiple registrations, for joint attendance of several participants in the same activity).

It is also possible to generate "coupons" (discount codes) that the user can redeem at the time of purchase.


Availability management

You can decide the maximum number of participants in each activity and manage in this way the availability. You can also define a number of seats reserved at the physical counter (for bookings not online).

liste di attesa

Waiting lists

You can also collect pre-registrations of activities already completed and put them on the waiting list. If you free seats the system automatically takes care of sending notifications to users on the list who can decide whether or not to confirm the interest to participate.



The registration of the user for the purposes of registration (which requires the insertion of multiple data, documents, permissions) is facilitated by a wizard that accompanies it step by step.

payment method

Purchase online or by bank transfer

The platform automates the purchasing process by integrating the most common online payment gateways. The system also allows late payment by bank transfer.

Iscrizione multiple

Multiple registrations for HR

For the corporate human resources that have to manage the enrolment of employees in the courses, the system gives the possibility to a figure to be able to enrol more people.

autorizzazioni minori

Authorisations and declarations

For each child entered in the system, the user can decide which authorizations to give (e.g. the exit or the shooting of photos/ videos) and declare whether or not compliance with vaccination obligations.


Allergies, pathologies, intolerances

In order to ensure proper event catering management, training... the user can indicate any allergies, pathologies or intolerances or particular medical conditions.

area riservata

Reserved area

Each user, once logged in, can access the data related to their registrations and view and/ or change their personal data in their private area.


Media area

At the end of the activities will be uploaded in the media area photographs and videos made during the activity.



The user can decide how (SMS or email) will want to receive any notifications. The system also provides automatic notification of the status of your membership (e.g. order completed, waiting list, payment deadline).


Web - app educator

The registration data collected (list of participants, permissions, any pathologies) can be viewed by the web-app of the educator who can quickly compile the daily activity log. Attendance data are therefore immediately available in the system.



The system allows the assignment of specific roles attributed to each individual user (administrator, operator, educator, user).

The role allows to identify the tasks of a specific user within the management.

A unique product tailored to you!

The Subscriptions system is customizable according to your specific needs and is clearly adapted to reflect your brand identity with logo, colors, communicative style and design of your brand!
It is also made respecting the rules regarding GDPR compliance.

6000 +

children registered on the platform

2 milioni +

revenue managed


visitors registered


days of activity sold

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