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Our onboarding strategy: a first integration project for beginners

Alberto Melati talks about his onboarding experience in Thread Solutions


When a new member becomes part of the team it is extremely important to have a great and solid onboarding plan. A structured learning strategy for newcomers helps them to become rapidly familiar with all technologies that we use in our business.

MuleSoft Summit 2018 Debrief

As the Italian Mulesoft partner we couldn’t have been elsewhere than at the Mulesoft summit 2018 in London the 22 of May. Of course they’ve handled the expected topic of Salesforce acquiring Mulesoft, but the event also featured sessions from technology innovators at leading companies including Airbus, HSBC, Big Bus Tours and AD Delhaize.

Google or Alexa, who will win this battle?

After the battle for cloud services, Google and Amazon seem to have found a new battlefield, our homes. In the race “who will be your AI home assistant” it looks like Amazon started with a head start, but Google Home is catching up fast.
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