search engine optimization

We genuinely care about your visibility so that you can be contacted by possible future clients and enhance your ROI. For this reason, we believe that having a well-structured SEO strategy is paramount for your company.


SEM (aka search engine marketing) is the act of designing, running and optimising a search engine ad campaign, referring both at paid search advertising and organic results.

Our SEM specialists will assist you in reaching your potential clients and, by developing a personalised marketing strategy, help you to achieve your goals.

How are we going to do this? SEM’s main job is to increase websites’ visibility, making them visible in the so-called SERPs (search engine results pages). SEM might entail both SEO and SEA, explained below.


SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Basically, it means increasing the visibility of a given website, making it ranking higher in the SERP. We will work on the optimisation of website, making it visible in the first pages of the most important search engines. We will modify and optimise your content in order to increase the value of the keywords used in your website. We deeply care about our clients and have a great concern regarding the achievement of their goals.


Search engine advertising (SEA) has as a major aim the one of increasing the so-called click-through rate and conversion rate. SEA permits you to place the right advertisement in the right position of the SERP, by making the consumer see ads about exactly what they are searching for. Automatically, this can enhance the likelihood that they see your ad and complete the purchase.

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