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We support your growth

Thread Solutions has a keen eye for finding innovative startups and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and enhance their ROI. We combine our IT and UX/UI expertise with our marketing department in order to develop the best strategy for our clients.


We advise our clients by acting as a guiding light. Our primary goal is to propose insights that are oriented with our clients’ goals and will permit them to grow their business.

Our competences

Based on our multi-year experience, we provide to our clients our expertise on IT, UX/UI and marketing in order to facilitate the entrance into new markets. We optimise their business strategy aiming at achieving concrete results.

Tailor-made strategies

We create tailor-made strategies that fit the needs and demands of our clients, suggesting the best strategy to adopt for developing their ideas in the daily environment.



Interested in getting to know us?

Do you have a project in mind? Contact us and we'll see how a digital innovative approach can help you reach your goals.