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AR & VR have the potential to change the world

Augmented Reality enhances the real world with digital content. We’ve been pushing the possibilities of AR for a while now, and an early adoption of this technology has given us great insights. We use our expertise to provide an extra experience to your brand. VR is a perfect possibility for your company in order to create stunning 360° immersive brand experiences

Augmented Reality


Thread Solutions augmented reality

Augmented Reality can happen anytime, anywhere, this is what makes it unique. An AR app allows you to interact with the real world in a brand new modality. Your next brand experience could be right around the corner!

Product demo’s & visualisations

AR for product demo’s & visualisations is by far the ultimate sales tool for showcasing your products (and services). Companies need to to it in the best way possible in they want to achieve success.

For some companies, this can be a real barrier. Some of their products are too big to bring to presentations, too complex to explain easily or just have too many options to choose from.

3D product visualisation with Augmented Reality provides the solution for your problems: from being able to place your customers in their brand new car to showcasing the inner workings of your latest new grape press machine. 

Augmented reality to involve the user 

Augmented reality can bring everything to life in the real world. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your product or services, providing addition information if needed. People will instantly interact and engage with your products or services as they were physically there. AR is able to evolve consumers' perceptions of products and services.

Not sure where to start with Augmented Reality? Contact us. We will answer your questions and show you how AR can unlock opportunities for you and your business. 

Virtual Reality


Thread Solutions virtual reality

Looking for an unforgettable brand experience? Put your audience at the centre of the story with an immersive virtual reality experience! You will highlight the benefits of your products or services and create a magical virtual world for your audiences never seen before.

Virtual reality can play an important role for your brand in making consumers live an immersive experience.

VR experience design, interactivity at 360°

VR experiences are the new solutions for creating truly immersive and magical brand experiences. In a reality that you control, your brand can exist exactly how you imagine it. An immersive 360° virtual tour of your brand will create a unique sensory experience for your costumers. 

Not sure where to start with Virtual Reality? Contact us. We will answer your questions and show you how VR can unlock opportunities for your brand. 

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