GDPR compliance

Thread Solutions gdpr compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies from May 25, 2018. Its aim is to strengthen the rights of European Union (EU) citizens with regard to how their personal data is used and how it’s protected. 

It’s build around 6 key principles:
  1. Transparency on how data will be used and what it will be used for
  2. Ensuring that the data collected is used only for the purposes explicitly specified at the time of collection
  3. Limiting the data collection to what is necessary to serve the purpose for which it is collected
  4. Ensuring the data is accurate
  5. Storing the data for only as long as necessary within its intended purpose
  6. Prevention against unauthorised use or accidental loss of the data through the deployment of appropriate security measures.

As we live, work and breath in the digital world, delivering platforms and solutions that are GDPR compliant are natural to us. Thread Solutions understands the importance of putting privacy and data protection in the hands of the data subject. GDPR compliance requires a commitment from both Thread Solutions and our customers. 

Therefore we not only take measures for our own environment, and where we host our clients, we also inform and consult our customers on how to approach this new legislation. By default, we implement suitable measures to prevent personal data from being read, copied, altered or deleted by unauthorised parties during transmission, applying high grade encryption to all data-in-transit through the use of HTTPS connections. 

Thread Solutions partnered up with and WeCare Project to provide a compliant platform and knowledge for its projects and customers.

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