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DevOps automates the processes between software development and IT operations teams, in order that they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.

The concept of DevOps is a reaction to a common pain point between a company’s development team and IT.

In a traditional environment they mostly live on their relative islands. This creates friction and incomprehension. 


DevOps is the glue that puts it all together and accelerates  decision times

We have DevOps embedded in our company culture, so when clients seek our advice, we’re already fully compliant. 

  • We are able to guide and consult enterprises. 
  • We help our customers move towards a DevOps way of working and mindset.
  • We coach and assist your team. The moment they are fully independent, we step aside, but always ready to help.

Thread Solutions has DevOps embedded in its culture. We help define approaches, do coaching and assistance, and deploy the right technologies for our customers. 

Our services:

  • coaching and assistance
  • revision of the existing structures
  • help in defining new approaches
  • advice and recommendations
  • design Continuous Delivery process
  • deployment of the right technologies

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