API management

businessman working on a laptop_application programming interface

Connect everything - Agility starts with an application network

Evolving means making things easier what is complicated

Through the Mulesoft API - led technology we can create exceptional business agility for companies by connecting applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with an API - led approach. We build new API structures, design new interfaces for existing APIs and manage everything using a single platform (Mulesoft Anypoint platform). That way we can rapidly expose enterprise data to mobile devices, web apps and connected things in a secure controlled way.

Thread Solutions is an official partner of Mulesoft and Tyk and has a deep know how of TIBCO so that we take advantage of the fastest growing API-led connectivity ecosystem.

Business value of API management:

  • connect with customers and improve customer engagement
  • connect multiple devices and platforms in a single solution
  • streamline operations
  • eliminate friction of integrations
  • enabling unprecedented speed, agility and rapid change

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