User experience and user design

A product's usability is a key element when comes to talking about UX and UI design. A product should be pleasant to use, should have a intuitive design and should be able to solve the problems of the users. 


UX & UI design

User eXperience and User Interface design are two sides of the same coin. Both play a key role in defining a product’s experience. We shape your digital products after a visual design study, our job is to make your products unique, functional and enjoyable for the user and his context. We focus on providing positive experiences for our clients, not only on preventing problems in products’ usability.

User-centered design

Every good design starts with a good initial research. Designing an experience that is able to match your brand’s necessities with users’ needs and expectations is a primary task for us: we start by doing research aiming at setting design objectives and define a tailor-made strategy. Adopting a user-centered approach we conduct research and analyses of the selected target, aiming at realizing a product that is able to dialogue effectively with your clients while bringing you revenues.


In order to understand what wireframing is, you can think about it as a process for building a house. First, you create the blueprint. Afterwards, you think about the design. A well defined wireframing will help you create designs that are more accurate, user-centered, decreasing the likelihood of occurring in future problems in future stages.


Our job is to make sure that the projects we work on are working effectively. For this reason, we are used to create a prototype that permits us to have a clearer picture of the project we are working on. In this way, we can avoid facing problems in later stages of the project development. We adopt an Agile approach: we create prototypes, involving our clients from the beginning in order to provide the best results to our final users.

Our approach

We assist our clients in every step of their journey:

starting from an initial phase of research, we gather ideas and information for defining objectives and a tailor-made strategy; we monitor competitors and their actions in order to develop a strategy that is effective and satisfies our clients’ needs and expectations.

The second phase is represented by a phase where we develop the so-called SWOT analysis: we are going to study the Strengths and Weaknesses of the project, together with the Opportunities and Threats it might entail. 

The third phase is UX design: through a design thinking process, we redefine your personal customer experience, we start working on wireframes and prototypes arranging meetings with our team in order to generate ideas that will leverage your ROIs.

Afterwards, stage four is represented by UI design. In this phase we take UX and UI together, working in synergy. We will make sure that every element touched by the user works right and is functional.

Phase five is where our software developers join in the stage: we cooperate with them and work together in order to reach your goals.

Stage six is evaluation test. We operate usability testing and test if the final product is working properly in every phase of the usability flow. 

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