Brand Identity

man designing a logo on a white board

Having a brand identity is paramount for every company: it helps you differentiate from competitors, build connections with clients and leave a positive image of your company in their minds. Logo, website and tone of voice are only a few elements that need to be carefully studied when implementing a business strategy: they are key elements in helping you to distinguish yourself from competitors.


We help companies defining their identity. The way we do this is by designing a logo that represents their true soul, propositions and values. We analyze every little detail that composes the identity of your company and find a logo that will permit you to emerge in today’s fast-paced environment.


We create templates for word documents and power points for our clients, aiming at sharing their core values in the most effective way possible.


We genuinely think that a well-designed site is the real entity of a company. For this reason, we care that your most important core values are well identified and highlighted. We truly believe in designing a website that is user-friendly, where a client can get the information needed in a few seconds and can navigate easily through the site. 

Tone of voice

Connection and trust are two elements that every company should have: we help our clients in building new connections and trust, while increasing your company’s ROI.

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