Research & Development

Thread Solutions Research and Development

In Thread Solutions we tackle technological problems of today and those of tomorrow with an eye focused on the future.

Because we want to satisfy our pioneering vision and pursue the constant desire for innovation, we have a dedicated R&D department. Our team’s objective is to discover questions and answers that can have a real impact in defining tomorrow's technologies.


Together with technology we evolve

Our pioneering attitude has always characterized Thread Solutions. It allows us to acquire skills, even form the first stages of emerging technologies and evolve simultaneously. That’s why we’re always able to respond immediately to every request of new innovative technologies.

This is what our R&D is currently working on: 

The idea of R&D is that anything goes. This often results in giving shape to enterprising ideas with pioneering technologies. We use these obtained experiences and results in various sectors, both internal as in projects for our customers. 


Share knowledge to broaden our views

We publish the results of our work and actively collaborate with research centers and academic communities, both national and international. Knowledge should be shared in order to raise the standard of research. We strongly believe that this is the right way to have a real impact in this sector, as well as to broaden our views. 

Do you have an idea in mind or would you like our support to develop your own research project? Contact us.