Make your team operative in 8 steps with Pipedrive!

Rendi operativo il tuo team in 8 semplici passaggi con Pipedrive!

During the last few weeks, many companies have had the possibility to work from home: being able to manage the various teams and make them work together remotely was not easy. For this reason, Pipedrive could help your company to manage your team in a simple and effective manner, without any effort. 


You can find some benefits of using Pipedrive below. Make your daily work simpler! 

1. Invite your team and start selling! 

Go to Settings > Manage > Users.
Add a user and set his/her authorizations.
You can decide to already add a few tasks, in this way, the user can start working as soon as s/he accepts the invitation received via email. By using the general filter you can see all the tasks on which your team is working on, and also see every individual task started by every component of the team. 

2. Collaborate with your team!

If you want to create small teams that will be working on a particular project, now you can do it!
You can create small groups of people using the right filters, and see who is working on what. In this way, you'll have a complete picture of the work done by your team. 

3. Team's objectives 

Objective are a great way to measure data from your sales, and to make sure your team is able to reach its goals.  
During the implementation of a goal, you can decide whether to assign the goal to a single person, to everyone or to a particular team. You can decide the period in which you want Pipedrive to track your goal.  

 4. User's authorization 

Go to settings > manage users > authorizations.
Two main roles are available to choose: Admin and standard user + Manager (in the case of Pipedrive PRO plan).
The first one can do pretty much everything: the admin can add other users and manage billings but can not see private emails. For all other users, he can personalize every permission according to his/her specific job.  

5. Visibility groups. 

This setting allows you to limit the visibility of a deal, person, organization, or product. This useful tool allows you to check that your data are visible only from authorized people, and thus are secure. You can create hierarchic groups: in this way, those who have a higher level of permission can see what the other people having lower permissions can do.

4 possibilities of permission are available: 


  • Possibility to see the data only if you are the owner
  • Possibility to see data of the users that are a part of your subgroup
  • Possibility to see your data, those of other users from your group and those from users that are below you in terms of permission

6. Security 

Security is one of the most important and critical aspects for a client, and with Pipedrive, it is guaranteed!

This section allows you to have full visibility of every access from the user and from the security events regarding your account. Moreover, it offers you updates on how you can improve the security of your company.

The following sections are available below: 

  • “now”: it offers you the possibility to have a rapid view of what's happening: how many users have logged in and from which locations. Moreover, there is the possibility to see some details, e.g. active devices. 
  • “last 7 days”: This section shows the anomalies of account access: e.g. new devices or location and other details such as device used, who used it and for how long.  
  • “Control register”: You can see all the security events, all the changes done to the account, e.g. a password change. 
  • “Security evaluation”: This section gives you a quick report on what Pipedrive regards as vulnerable in terms of security: you will see some hints on how you can improve your security
  • “Active devices”: You can see from which whereabout and from which device and which authentication method the user entered on the platform. In case of anomalies, you can disconnect the device of the user. 

7. Single sign on (SSO)

Tired to create multiple accounts for your app? This tool allows you to add multiple applications in a single place, in this way, you can access to all your app in one single sign on. Useful, huh? You won't have to remember 100 passwords anymore! This process requests a bit of technical knowledge and so I advise you to speak with your IT personnel. 

8. Success Case study: who should I use Pipedrive?

360 Payments Case study. 

360 Payments went from using Salesforce to use Pipedrive: its on net profit increased by 298%

The company has its own offices in California, Utah, Oklahoma: thanks to Pipedrive it has had the possibility to control the work done by its team and to see the various deals won. You can also have the possibility to have a clear picture not only from a company level, but also from an individual level, in this way, it is simpler to leave feedback when necessary.