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Schooling and teaching are two among features of education. For this reason, our job is to make sure that all those aspects involved in teaching are updated in order to ensure the best education possible to our schoolers. We are working in order to improve electronic registers, the management of service vouchers, presences, documentary management; together with formation by proposing review days for teachers.
The financial and banking sector is evolving at a fast pace. We help financial companies and banks to evolve their banking systems, developing their system integrations and adding interfaces in order to be up-to-date with PS2 regulations in this fast-paced environment.
Our job working in this sector is to make sure that all the aspects involving healthcare are working properly. Increase the quality of patient care, safeguard employees satisfaction, offer a workable environment for health professionals, keeping costs as low as possible for the final user. With the advent of digital innovation, companies are aiming at improving the overall health of patients: this is possible through the use of wearable devices.
We assist companies in the insurance sector by providing consultations, Agile and DevOps techniques, together with methodologies in order to help enterprises with reducing the so-called delivery gap and reaching the business agility.
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By adopting a user-centered approach, we studied the problems found in the current process directly with IPRASE and its users. We spent some days with the final users of this service (who design the courses, who publish them and who manage them) and, seeing these people operating in this context, we had the opportunity to observe and comprehend the real complexity of this existing workflow from their point of view.

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Drive On by Alphabet is a platform that aims to automate the incoming flow of the cars ment for the B2C market. It's configured as a web and mobile platform able to map the life cycle of a car from the moment it is purchased by Alphabet the first time until the moment it is placed on the B2C market. Drive On is a single access point for all the information related to a single car. Info like the price, technical specifications up to the interventions carried out are stored in the car detail.


We developed a platform for assessing the level of foreign language knowledge in primary and secondary schools in Trentino. The system includes a series of questions with different levels of difficulty and the ability (spoken, written, grammatical knowledge) to which the student must respond within a given time. Once the test is complete, the results are automatically recorded and set as pending until the  the teachers in charge correct them.

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IBT gesbank

We have first analysed requests and necessities of our client and the objectives of this project. This system needs adapt to different realities, but instead of being a problem for us, it has been a blessing in disguise.  Each bank can quickly customize the visual aspect of the system by changing the basic theme and inserting his own brand identity (logo, colors etc). To help users and facilitate the compilation of data, we developed self-complete and input-masking solutions.

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900 Trentino

We developed a website that consists of several databases. The user can cross-examine the different databases, which can be consulted through specific search forms studying the individuals taken into consideration so far (e.g.conducting a research on a geographical map), thus enriching the biographical profiles with personal materials.

Trentino in rete
Trentino in Rete

Trentino Rete requested to have a platform where they could release information about the different phases, when they would happen,… Net Wise developed a responsive website containing all this info and more. Visitors can enter their city, see when they can expect this ultra broadband, how much up and download they can expect,… They can even check the current speed of their internet connection based on their location.

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Official Liferay plugin

TwoWay Authentication Premium is a plugin providing Two Steps Authentication to access your Liferay portal instance.
Two steps verification adds an extra security layer for your Liferay Portal account by requiring user to enter a one-time verification code in addition to your username and password, when signing in to your account. Extra security helps organisations using Liferay Portal to be compliant with the GDPR regulation

Thread Solutions business case Trillio

Trillio is a portable prescription assistant that helps you remember to take your medicine at the right time. Because of its connection with the healthcare system, it receives all the configurations and reminders automatically. La Comanda wanted to create a device that could help people to take their pills at the right time.Given that about 75% of the potential clients didn’t have an affinity with technology, Trillio needed to be simple and automated.

Thread Solutions business case Welly Village
Welly Village

Nowadays there are several apps that help you do sports, track your steps, heart rate, weight, sleep. The problem is that they all live on their own island. Welly Village connects them all in one platform. Track your heart rate with your Garmin or Fitbit smartwatch, measure your blood pressure with iHealth, control your weight with your Withings smart scale. Welly Village gathers all the data so you can check your progress in just one platform.

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We Care Project

They are a GDPR consultancy agency that sets its objectives by exploiting skills and tools, with targeted advice, using a platform for the management of documents that are needed to comply with what the new legislation (May 25th 2018) requires. We started with an advanced analysis of all requirements. Afterwards we followed a Lean approach in all development fases, from prototype to first release and on.

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