WellyVillage: Track activities. Improve your wellness. Stay motivated

What is Welly Village?

It’s a platform that helps you reach a more healthy lifestyle. It’s an app that connects the dots. 

Nowadays there are several apps that help you do sports, track your steps, heart rate, weight, sleep. The problem is that they all live on their own island. Welly Village connects them all in one platform. So instead of pushing you towards buying a new device, just keep on using the ones you have! Track your heart rate with your Garmin or Fitbit smartwatch, measure your blood pressure with iHealth, control your weight with your Withings smart scale. Welly Village gathers all the data so you can check your progress in just one platform.


But it doesn’t end there.

Welly Village is a community! 

-> Connect with people and professionals
-> challenge each other and share goals
-> get advice from a professional coach, nutritionist,… on a personalised program
-> reach out  and chat with medical specialist
-> grab advantages and reduced insurance rates
-> collect Welly points to buy products in affiliated store


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Welly Village is a spinoff from an R&D project. 

Sprint weeks:

We started with some sprint weeks to shape the idea, brainstorm about features and see if it could be something worthy of investing in. After developing a proof of concept, we started asking input of possible future customers to keep tuning features and specifications.

Integrations with:

In order to make this platform stand out from the pack it needed to guarantee complete freedom to its users. They should be able to choose the device they want to use. Using our expertise in API integrations and management we were able to connect multiple platforms like Strava, Fitbit, IHealth, Garmin, GoogleFit, Withings,… to Welly Village.

Artificial Intelligence:

For example out of 45% of people who make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% actually succeed. Most people start sporting with great intentions stop within a month. How can we use Welly Village to reduce that percentage? By using Artificial Intelligence feed by experts advice we keep users motivated. Based on your behaviour, movements, collected data from the different devices/wearables you use, Welly Village will suggest different training programs. The AI can help your personal trainer of can be your virtual trainer, pushing notifications when you need to act to improve your lifestyle, cheering motivations after a sequence well done.