ISIT - istituto accademico per interpreti e traduttori

The project

Modern mediators and linguistic consultants have the task of building the "Europe of knowledge". To do this it's necessary to give a European dimension to training and education by to acquire solid, serious and advanced skills through a modern and market-oriented curriculum of studies. ISIT has a part in the trilingual project in Trentino. The "Provincia Autonoma di Trento" wants to test students to get a better understanding of the average level of the English and German language.

Net Wise progetti ISIT


Our approach

We've a platform for assessing the level of foreign language knowledge in primary and secondary schools in Trentino. The system includes a series of questions with different levels of difficulty and the ability (spoken, written, grammatical knowledge ...) to which the student must respond within a set time. Once the test is complete, the results are automatically recorded pending correction by the teachers in charge.